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ICE CREAM DELIGHT is the sole distributor of Blue Bunny ice cream products in the state of Oklahoma.

From ice cream treats at your curbside to desserts at your special events, we supply all the yummy ice cream fun!

Who doesn’t love ice cream – especially a quality brand like Blue Bunny?

Distributor of Blue Bunny products!

Ice Cream Delight Truck

At ICE CREAM DELIGHT, we distribute a wide range of Blue Bunny products - there's something for everyone!
High-quality ingredients go into every single one of their delicious, unique flavors - there are more than 70!
Whether you spoon it, scoop it, or cone it, all that matters is that you enjoy their ice cream.
Be sure to hop on over and visit Blue Bunny.

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Ice cream distribution made easy!

All you need to do is provide us with a date, place and time. We take care of the rest! We provide a driver/server, a fully equipped ice cream truck and a complete menu of ice cream treats. Our drivers/servers have passed a thorough background check and are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They are licensed and insured and will provide trash clean-up.

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